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Watercolor & Indian ink on cardboard.
Marie KOVACS - Artiste-peintre/dessinatrice/Photographe

Ode to nature!



This series of drawings and paintings is a pure act of meditative creation inspired by the freedom of flora and the creative power of women.

Within exuberant arabesques, in shimmering colors, fragments of self-portraits appear in certain works.

A nod to Art Nouveau which aims to be TOTAL ART!


Personal evocation: Vegetalis Glossarium

Occupying all available space, voluntarily enveloping,

reassuring, nurturing and fluid, like in utero...


This intimate glossary of flora is an introduction to dreams, to the magic of life, to the poetry of the universe.


Having for humble ambition, simply a return to peace, to the sweetness of the feminine yin side.

My black line is deliberately sharp like a calligrapher's pen. Mixed colors and dreams. Appearance of anagrams:




My chime of self-portraits with the breeze of the east wind,

And the wandering of your thoughts,

Turn, rock...

In this game of fragmented mirrors of light

the married ones,

in a burst of sunshine,


reflect with each other

As in a large circle that flies away!

The sinuous line of the great architect,


Light as a swallow's feather,

Invites you to the dance of flora, which wraps and clings

To infinity,

On the arabesque

From the disk of the sun.

The waiting spring rose,

Wisely the lotus.

The cycle of the moon

Who takes away our waters...

A drop on you,

And here is the magic

From the sky,

Cumulus nimbus, a cloud,

A mirage !

here is the picture,

From the great Mother Nature!

who foresees


Your soul in peace.

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